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18 May 1985
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This is Madness Infused, the writing journal of ashkaztra. The journal name is a nod to my favorite Final Fantasy villain, the psychotic Kefka of FFVI. I like the phrase.

This journal will contain a lot of things that might not be too pleasant to read about, or things that children certainly shouldn't see. The journal is rated NC-17. I'm not going to stop anyone under 18 from reading, but please, don't read my fics if you're not mature enough to handle them. That's all I ask. I'm fully aware that people under 18 may be mature enough to handle mature-rated fics.

So, what will you find here? A lot of different things. I have many interests, and I'll write most things once, and again if I like it.

You may find: yaoi, slash, shounen-ai, sex, violence, physical, emotional or mental torture, angst, death, blood, bloodplay, cross-dressing, bondage, BDSM, kinks, insanity, magic, fantasy, science fiction, horror, undead, pretty boys and a lot more.

You won't find: Sappy teenage romance of the romantic comedy type.

I write rather twisted stories, usually. So if things like a man going to a wish-granting demon to ask that his children should never have to suffer again, and comes home to find them dead is not your thing, a lot of my fics won't be to your taste. I occasionally do write milder stuff, and I do warn against the worst things, so even if you're not into the more twisted stories, you're welcome to hang around waiting for my occasional milder stuff.

A list over fandoms, pairings and fics in progress. I also write a lot of original fiction, and attempt writing novels. Attempt being the key word.

Novel progress:

I chose 50 000 words as the default because a) it seemed a good goal and b) I got inspired by NaNoWriMo which I never get to do because November is exam month in Norway.

Novel One - Fantasy novel:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,749 / 50,000

Novel Two - Vampire novel:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,634 / 50,000